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Babalola A. History and Sources of Nigerian Law of Evidence. 2015.Abstract
Native and Customary Law of Evidence and Islamic Religion Court: Nigeria consists of over 300 ethnic groups with different culture and traditions. Each group has different ways by which they administer their people. At present different types of courts called native or customary courts have been and are still in existence.
History and Sources of Nigerian Law of Evidence: law_of_evidence_lecture_three_3.pdf
Babalola A. Judicial Notice. 2015.Abstract
In an adversary system of adjudication, the plaintiff files his claim, serves it on the defendant. The defendant replies, admitting or denying the claims and then in the end, include his own facts of the case. Thereafter the claimant pleads facts and also replies. The trial begins. In the pleading filed by parties, there may be facts which are admitted which need no further proof. There are those facts which are denied which the party making the assertion must prove with cogent facts.
Judicial Notice law_of_evidence_lecture_four.pdf
Babalola A. Law of Evidence. 2015.Abstract
In everyday life, both lawyers and the laymen use the word “EVIDENCE” in day to day transactions, at play, at work, in churches, mosques, schools and so on.
Babalola A. Law of Evidence: Lecture Two. 2015.Abstract
Judicial evidence is any matter of fact or documentary which is furnished or produced during judicial proceedings or to a legal tribunal otherwise than by reasoning or a reference to what is noticed without proof as the basis of inference in ascertaining some other matter or facts.
Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, in four months time, i.e. January 2016 it will be 70 years when I started teaching as a pupil teacher after passing standard six examination in December 1945. More interestingly, I have been a teacher ever since. By 11 am on Monday, October 5, 2015, anyone who is interested in verifying this will see me teaching the Law of Evidence to 400 Level students in our College of Law right on this campus. Those who have read my autobiography would recall the schools and institutions where I have worked as a teacher.
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